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Naked Minerals Consumer Q&A
Even though all the products from Naked Minerals are of high quality, my personal favourite product is Mineral Moisture Prep. It improves the lay down and application of powders and foundations, for a smooth and healthy finish. The price is also quite reasonable and one can even get discounts on thi... more
Naked Minerals does not currently offer or sell downloadable mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. This online shopping store offers different kinds of beauty products like brushes, foundations, brush sets, blush on, lipsticks and more. You can find more information by vi... more
Naked Minerals is happy to ship to countries other than the United States. Some of the countries Naked Minerals ships to other than the United States include the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. If you are an international customer and would like more information on whether or not Naked Minera... more
Naked Minerals Overview
Naked Minerals is a company whose vision is to bridge the gap between wellness and beauty. It mainly deals with skin care products that promote healthy and beautiful skin. The company achieves this by providing pure, natural, mineral makeup that does not contain any harmful ingredients. These products are backed by a certificate of purity and years of research. The products are developed with the lifestyle of today's consumers in mind and are thus convenient and easy to use. Naked Minerals produces pressed makeup that does not mess your floor, counter or clothes. The products are designed for real women with real skin conditions such as blemished, blotchy and red skin. Some of their produ... more
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